“The Launch was a very enjoyable celebration – of both the publication of the book and the life and influence of Mahatma Gandhi. The book itself was beautifully produced, a comprehensive and visually impressive account of Gandhi’s life, and I await with eager anticipation forthcoming publications of Birad Rajaram Yajnik”

Jessica Beverly

An impressive pictograghy on the life and times of an impressive soul. The collection and well presented chronology makes for fascinating viewing and very easy reference reading.
"Mahatma Gandhi--Imaging Peace, Truth & Ahimsa" would be more than a useful addition to any Library/University or any collector/historian. It's appeal, however, is not just for the academic.

Kamal K Kohli

"Birad Yajnik’s book on Mahatma Ghandi brings together hundreds of photographs letters and newspaper articles that give a fascinating insight into the life of this great man"...

Alison Smyth

The book launch was a memorable affair with Birad’s crisp speech, Sir Noon’s witty one and Talvin’s vibrant yet soulful music. The book is a well documented reference of various aspects of the life of Gandhiji. Birad Yajnik’s time, passion and effort over the production can be seen on the cover and within the pages of the beautifully bound coffee table book.

Deepti’s rendition of several important moments in the life of Gandhi through eye catching Ikebana flower arrangements lent a charming and interesting touch to the evening. She has evolved into a creative artist with a keen eye for aesthetics.

Rekha Reddy

The book launch by author Birad Rajaram Yajnik had vividly constructed an atmosphere of retrospection of Gandhiji life, legacy, and principals in a modern context….Talvin Singh further enhanced the tribute to the Mahatma by a special interplay of a profoundly humanist blend of dreamy aesthetic melodies… -- A truly memorable night, next to euphoric experience…

Dilip Patel

The book launch of Birad Rajaram Yajnik book Mahatma Gandhi - Imaging Peace, Truth and Ahimsa was met with a fitting musical tribute, bringing together the energy of Gandhi's ideologies and Talvin Singhs curation of beats and musicians. It was the perfect synergy for the evening. Both Author and artists added extra shringar and ras to each others work in a way that culminated into a unique event.

Sonia Kumari Mehta